L’Arte in Tavola

Veggissima is a project which aims at taking Italian ecological plantbased delicacies to the Nordic countries under the motto

L’ Arte in Tavola, Food-Art is served!

The project has two main purposes:

  • to offer plantbased ecological food. Today the market of semiproducts & ready meals doesn’t seem to be sensitive yet to the existing needs for quality plantbased food.
  • to offer products which show the producers’ own label. Private labelling has its own right to exist but has its limitation in the poor level of information given to the consumer. People caring for the food they eat, care for its origin.

We have gathered a group of selected Italian companies which produce plantbased, ecological and Italian food. We help them to come to the Nordic countries with their own label and gather them under the symbol of Veggissima® – Eco Plantbased Italian.

Instead of making a journey to Italy, we take delicious ecological specialties from Italy to the Nordic countries for all those who love Italian food and who prefer to eat plantbased.

Veggissima bottone