The Project

It is often difficult to pinpoint the very beginning of a project since its ground, the ideas, come from different sources and gather silently under a period of time, until reaching the momentum which takes them to the world.

We can say the same for Veggissima.

A possible start has probably been the awareness of the unseen suffering of the animals in the food industry and the understanding of the impact that meat and diary production has on our environment. This took us to choose a plantbased diet.

There is a lot of creativity and engagement in the plantbased world.

People investigate, try new recipies and with creativity develop new products which make the vegan choice both easier and more interesting.

For those of us who consider the food we eat a choice which directly influences the well-being of others (humans and non-humans) and of our environment, the quality of the food we buy and the information on its origin are of utmost importance.

This is a missing link we noticed for many products on the shop shelves today. Plantbased food is rarely organic and often labelled with private labels which give very limited information to the consumer.

Private label has it own right to exist as a marketing tool  but a responsible consumer today wants to have a better understanding of the choice made. Where does the soya I eat come from? Where and who has produced the food I eat?

All this, time and meeting the “right people” took us to Veggissima.

Why Italian food?

Well, it’s delicious, it is of high quality and … we love it.