La Macina Ligure

was founded by a family of traditional farmers who for generations have been cultivating the typical plants of the Ligurian landscape – basil and the Taggiasca olive trees.

All ingredients used in La Macina sauces come from organic farming. The production process is small-scale and is directly influenced by the rythms of nature.

An example is the production process of La Macina’s Pesto alla Genovese (the original basil Pesto).

Basil leaves are hand picked and processed within a few hours, in order to keep their freshness in colour and scent.

Pesto is then preserved in extra vergin olive oil and salt only. It doesn’t contain any preservatives and it isn’t pastorized, thus keeping the brilliancy in colour, the delicacy in taste and its full aroma.


Our farming is carried out with utmost respect for nature and its cycles. This is our attitude towards our environment, our consumers and towards those who work with us. The main principles we follow are: to know, to wait and to protect. Our ambition is to farm the best coming from our region and to make it known to the world.”

All products of La Macina Ligure are certified gluten-free and organic.