La Spiga Bio

founded in 1988 by Aurelio Bailo is the first Italian artisanal pasta factory working exclusively with organic or biodynamic raw materials.

The same passion since 1978 when he, together with other like-minded people, had started the first organic shops in the area, aiming at promoting products which could ensure both their custumers’ health and the preservation of our environment.

From the very beginning, the company set itself the goal of creating high quality organic products, superior to any other product on the market.
Over the years the company changed its name into ALBIO, keeping the name La Spiga Bio as brand for their products.

The company began to use new innovative technologies and new professionals joined their team, sharing the same passion and values.


From the very beginning the values behind organic food production have become part of our philosophy of life. Our guiding principles are: returning to nature, respect its energy and vitality, and put it at the centre of everything we do.”

Today ALBIO/La Spiga Bio is committed to creating high quality products that are 100% organic, meeting the different needs of each client, with a heartfelt attention to those who, just like them, are living according to their ideals.