Fresh Filled Pasta

The Fresh Filled Pasta range is distinguished not only by the fillings but also by the four kinds of flour used: Ancient Durum Wheat Cappelli, Ancient Durum Wheat Timilia, Spelt flour and Italian Wheat Flour.

Ancient Durum Wheat Cappelli

  • Ravioriselli CreamyRisella® and Spinach
  • Ravioriselli MozzaRisella® and Zucchini
  • Ravioli with Braised Seitan

Ancient Durum Wheat Timilia

  • Ravioli BluRisella®, Walnuts and Almonds

Spelt Flour

  • Mediterranean Spelt Ravioli with Vegetables
  • Spelt Ravioli with Spinach

Italian Wheat Flour

  • Ravioli Demeter with Vegetables

CreamyRisella®, MozzaRisella® and BluRisella® are rice-based alternatives to cheese 100% organic and plant based