Mediterranea Bioveg

was founded in 1993 and is one of the oldest Italian producers of organic vegan food.

In 20 years of activity they have selected the best available organic animal-free ingredients in order to produce healthy and good food which respects nature and our environment.

Mediterranea Bioveg takes tofu, tempeh and seitan to their very best.

‘Medburgers’ – tofu hamburgers mixed with different veggies, seitan and tofu hotdogs, typical Seitan “arrosto” /”roast”, grilled Tempeh and traditional Italian vegan & organic Bolognese sauces are just examples of their product range.

Delicious products, fully organic, with high protein content, and produced with Italian organic certified soya and wheat without any harmful additive or preservative.

Mediterranea Bioveg’s kitchen has created recepies which repropose Italian traditional tastes from a vegan perspective.


“When your eyes open you understand that life is the most precious thing: your life, the life of other people and the life of the animals. Everything can coexist in a peaceful balance.

In that moment your company becomes a mission. We try to change the world into a better place within our limits and possibilities.

In these last 20 years we have been trying to realise a dream and not to follow a booming market.”

Mediterranea Bioveg’s product categories:

  • Tofu products

  • Tempeh products

  • Seitan products

  • Bioveg sauces


Mediterranea Bio’s Tofu products   (*) Medburger = Tofu-burger


Mediterranea Bioveg’s Tempeh products


Mediterranea Bio’s Seitan products      


Mediterranea Bioveg’s Fresh Sauces