Pangea Food

was started by people who have invested a lot of energy and effort in setting up their production laboratory. After years of research they have created a vegan cheese line which is organic and 100% plantbased.

 Their aim is to meet the needs of all those who cannot or don’t want to eat food with ingredients coming from the animal world, like people suffering from milk and egg allergies, vegetarians , vegans, flexitarians…

They have been vegans for a long time and have always loved eating good food.

gondinodipendenza“We hope that our food choices influence those surrounding us, allowing anyone to cook with creativity and freedom without renouncing delicious food, while taking care of one’s health and the health of the  creatures we share this planet with.

We put our heart in this and you are now invited to taste.”


“We believe that it is possible that that which is good for me, can be good for everyone and everything else … see for yourself…”

Pangea’s products are:

100% plant based


gluten free

colesterol free

GMO free

Pangea Food offers two main lines of vegan cheese: the seasoned Gondinos and the Fresh & Soft.