The Fresh and The Soft

The Fresh & The Soft are not creamy spreads but vegan cheeses similar to the Italian Stracchino. They are both used in cold and warm dishes and come in 3 different tastes:

  • Fiorina, the Vegan Philadelphia, just what you need for your vegan cheesecake!
  • Fiorina with Chives, perfect in sandwiches and on pizzas, pasta, risotto..
  • Gargozina, a Vegan blue cheese
  • Stracchetto, a creamy vegcheese good as it is or in hot sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, risotto!
  • Stracchetto Smoked, with a nice smoked taste it uplifts your meal! Spread on a piece of bread or melt on a pizza … or any other warm dish you wish 😉