Vegeatal Bio

is a new Italian producer of organic vegan delicacies.

All started in 2016 with the creation of PRATO Bio, the first Italian vegan “butcher” and vegan cheese maker with an artisan food laboratory for 100% plant-based organic products in a former butcher house in the village of Montemurlo near Prato town.



“We select the best ecological and gluten-free ingredients and blend them with herbs and with our family’s traditional Tuscan cooking experience to produce delicious, healthy new vegan cheese and cold cuts.”


In 2019 PRATO Bio together with Probios have started Vegeatal Bio.

We at Vegeatal Bio offer today a range of lentil-based vegan alternative to cheese:

  • MozzaVeg, organic vegan alternative to mozzarella
  • Mozza Veg organic vegan alternative to mozzarella with smoked taste 
  • Linsformaggio, organic vegan alternative to hard cheese
  • Lins-stracchino, organic vegan alternative to stracchino cheese