Fermaggio, the Unexpected Taste


 is a line of fresh and aged alternatives to cheese made of cashew and macadamia nuts.

Its distinctive tartness, richness in aroma and texture are longed for by all those who have chosen to follow a plant-based diet.

Fresh colourful cheeses with dill or with mixture of different sorts of peppars and herbs or the aged cheeses with flowers, hemp and herbs.

Least but not last the Roque & Blue is for all who wish to experience again the pungent aroma typical of blue mould cheeses.

100% Plantbased Fermaggio is a vegan raw product, free from milk, gluten and cholesterol, also recommended for those suffering from diabetes.

100% Environmentally friendly The well-being of our planet and all living beings are of primary importance for us. This is why we have chosen to produce a completely vegetable-based product, i.e. a product devoid of the suffering generated by animal farming.

We deeply respect Mother Earth and we want to express this by offering her Fermaggio as a delicious fruit.

100% Organic The selection of cashews and macadamia nuts which are the ground ingredients of Fermaggio come from organic farming.